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2012 Audi Q3 immediately recognizable as the youngest member of Audi's large family. Audi Q3 is a sporty, efficient and versatile - vehicles that are equally uncomfortable or out of the way. Every aspect of the Audi Q3 display technology - the body, drivetrain, chassis and assistance systems and multimedia. Many solutions are straight from the luxury class.

Audi Q3 Interior

Audi Q3 interior offers many useful options, including luggage compartment package and pass-through hatches, making Audi Q3 even more flexible and comfortable in everyday use. Audi showing a new generation of steering wheels that debuted in the A8 luxury sedan. Wrap-around, a big bow on top of the dashboard and door extends from one front to another, is a design feature borrowed from the big brand model series. Panel, the instrument features an elegant sweep a horizontal step of the inlay on the passenger side. Wide center console that is asymmetrical and inclined slightly towards the driver. The layout is clean and intuitive operation of all switches and controls on it - the control unit for audio or MMI system, strip with secondary switches and terminals for the AC - is exemplary.

Audi Q3 Body Design

Audi Q3 body sets the groundwork for building high quality, sporty handling, cabin acoustic comfort and safety. Side view is dominated by the roof, flowing coupe as quickly began to tilt back down. Rear pillars lend an energetic display that is emphasized further by the length of the roof spoiler. Pronounced wheel arches with a wheel offset wheel wells house up to 19 inches in diameter.

As with every Audi, daytime running lights are standard with standard halogen lamps. 2012 Audi Q3 offers LED tail lights in combination with xenon plus lights. Two high performance LED requiring only two watts of power produces taillights - flat bar in the style of daytime running lights - by means of light guides.

Audi Q3 Performance

Audi Q3 was launched with a choice of three engines - one TDI and two TFSI units. All three four-cylinder engine combines direct injection with turbocharging, and will displays not only the energy recovery system, but also start-stop system. With power output ranging from 125 kW (170 hp) to 155 kW (211 hp), this machine is as efficient as they are very strong. Q3 2.0 TDI with 103 kW (140 hp) and front-wheel drive will average less than 5.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (45.23 U.S. mpg). Audi combines all three engines to drive quattro permanent all-wheel early, working with multi-plate hydraulic clutch. Seven-speed S-Tronic is standard on all models equipped with the most powerful TDI and TFSI engines.

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