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2002 Ferrari Enzo is the result of technological knowledge and experience sitnesis Ferrari sports. Ferrari Enzo is enriched with a special message and optimal performance technology. Ferrari Enzo is a car which is a historic moment for the essence of the development of Ferrari's past and sekarag Ferrari looks to the future. The 2002 Ferrari Enzo takes a special and deep technical collaboration with Brembo, Bridgestone, Magneti Marelli and OMR.

Ferrari Enzo Interior

Ferrari Enzo embrace OMR (Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi) in the development of the Ferrari Enzo. OMR has developed a proprietary platform pedal for Ferrari Enzo. Features aluminum accelerator and brake pedals and has been designed to be adjustable in sixteen different positions to achieve the best driving performance and ergonomics.

Ferrari Enzo Body Design

Ferrari Enzo embrace Brembo and Bridgeston to refine his design. Brembo is continually developing the braking system to Ferrari for many years. Brembo production and design capacity shown by the Brembo CCM discs made of composite ceramic materials used in the new Ferrari Enzo. They are very lightweight (providing savings of 30% by weight of units of the same cast iron), they provide excellent braking efficiency in all conditions and practically never used.

while Bridgestone Corporation is a provider of tires for Ferrari. For the 2002 Ferrari Enzo, Bridgestone Potenza RE050 specifically developed Scuderia. A high performance tire capable of reaching speeds over 350 km / h (218 mph), while maintaining the road holding and precision driving limits that were previously unknown.

Ferrari Enzo Performance

Ferrari Enzo come up with the F1 gearbox, 5998 cc V12 engine, carbon and composite materials. 2002 Ferrari Enzo Calling a wealth of knowledge, the aim is to develop the car as an integrated system that aims to achieve extreme performance. to achieve optimal performance, Magneti Marelli embrace the Ferrari Enzo which is a leader in the production of automated manual transmission system. The concept of the F1 gear change today extends to all new Ferrari and Maserati cars. The development of the F1 gear change for the 2002 Ferrari Enzo is a challenge that most Interestingly, because of its proximity to perennial challenges faced by single-seater F1.

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