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2013 Fisker Surf Trunk (Photo 8 of 8)

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Fisker Automotive has created a new vehicle concept. An electric luxury sports car that first for an active lifestyle and environmentally friendly. Fisker Surf combines performance, luxury, style, utility and economy with constant attention to sustainable use of resources and respect for our natural environment.

Fisker Surf Body Design

Fisker Surf design concept is elegant and sporty. The dynamics of the impressed exciting addition to the five-door sporty. Adding to the drama on the back, there is a Surf fleet with the distinctive spoiler. Body shape on aerodynamic design concept, designed to provide a powerful force. The front, there is an identity for Fisker Surf spory grill with three-dimensional honeycomb.

With Sunroof panel that is one part of the body Fisker Surf. Sunroof panel will provide an opening for sunlight to give the impression area in the interior.

Fisker Surf Interior

Fisker Surf design philosophy is evident throughout the interior of the new Surfing. The impression of luxury and sporty styles contained in the interior of Fisker Surf. Fisker Surf cargo area is divided into three functional areas. The driver, passengers, and baggage area at the rear section. Chairs with balanced suspension will provide comfort for its users.

Fisker Surf Performance

As the first real electric car with extended range (EVerTM), Karma - and now the Surf - uses a series of innovative, Hybrid Drive, where the car is powered entirely by electricity. Gasoline engine on board to use a generator. Some strong electric traction motor to drive the rear wheels, not the energy of lithium-iron phosphate 20-kWh battery is inside the center console car. 175kW generator supplies power to the motor and battery. It is only when necessary, by a powerful engine 260 hp turbo gasoline direct injection.

As a diesel electric locomotive, the driver will always enjoy the Fisker Surf instantaneous torque and smooth response, while the internal combustion engine coupled with electric motors for increased energy for maximum performance and range.

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