2008 Gumpert Apollo Concept Review

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2008 Gumpert Apollo is a perfect mix between highway vehicles and cars racing. Gumpert Apollo will give the sensation of driving a different and full of the spirit. Experts in motorcycle scenes are all familiar with the name Gumpert: On the mid-1970s, the old Audi manager was the driving force behind development of four-wheel drive "Iltis", the original forerunner of the "Quattro" today. Success Gumpert professional is distinguished by its ability to combine innovative ideas with the technology that has proven effective and successful. With Gumpert Apollo, the driver will be given the opportunity to experience the unique synergy between hand-made high-end components optimized for performance on the road and track, and differentiate themselves from the rest of the world of sports cars.

Gumpert Apollo Interior

Gumpert Apollo interior priority to the concept of light and exclusive. This is achieved through the exclusive use of high-tech materials. The instrument panel, such as it is integrated into the monocoque, made of carbon fiber. Bucket seats, as well attached to the monocoque. The position of chair customized for each customer individually, use padding, upholstery, adjustable pedals and steering column. in addition, 2008 Gumpert Apollo not blind to the modern technology for comfort. seen with air-conditioning, high-end integrated navigation system with reverse camera, CD / DVD player, and many others.

Gumpert Apollo Body Design

Gumpert Apollo leaves lasting Gumpert impression on anyone who sees it. It epitomizes the incredible power, dynamism and sporty. Basic and symbolic backbone of Gumpert Apollo comprises a circular frame tubes made of top quality and highly stable chrome steel. Gumpert Apollo's dynamic appearance is further enhanced with dimensions (4.46 m long, almost 2 m wide and 1.24 m high) and the sleek lines, the length and width of the shoulders. The dominant rear provides a view of the diffuser and underbody, it is fully encased within the carbon is combined with the front diffuser and aerodynamic systems channel the wind flow.

Gumpert Apollo Performance

Gumpert Apollo offers impressive strength of eight high-performance engines based on the V8 cylinder high-performance aggregates from Audi. Efficient utilization of the tremendous energy in the rear wheels ensures fully synchronized with a six-speed sequential transmission. Like comets, Gumpert Apollo catapults the pilot from 0 to 100 km / h (0-62 mph) in just 3.0 seconds and requires only 8.9 seconds 0-200 km / h (0-124 mph).

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