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Holden debuted in 1969. Holden continues to build a global reputation. Holden Hurricane was one of the copyrighted work that began to debut at the Melbourne motor show, 1969. Holden Hurricane coupled of innovative features and technology, modern control features.

Holden Hurricane Performance

Holden Hurricane experimental powered by 4.2 liter (253 cubic inch) V8, this engine was the predecessor program Holden V8 engine which entered production in late 1969. Hurricane Holden V8 engine featured many advanced design components. The result is the Holden Hurricane can provide output power of about 262 HP (193 KW).

Holden Hurricane Design

Holden Hurricane only has a height of 990 mm and have no doors in the conventional sense. Holden Hurricane has an open canopy hidrolilk powered up and forward on thefront wheel which gives the impression of sporty and emotional. Wind tunnel-tested bodyfiberglass consists of three segments; canopy, hood and body shell and finished in aluminum metal-based paint flakes experimental orange.

Holden Hurricane Feature

Holden Hurricane designers using CCTV systems that are mounted in the rear bumpervision that provides useful features for drivers in looking at the view behind him. In addition, Holden Hurricane equipped with a GPS navigation system pre rely on embedded magnetsystem at the intersection along the road network to guide the driver along the route as desired.

Features such as electronic digital instrument displays, station-seeking radio, temperaturecontrol automatic air conditioning, rear camera and automatic route finder vision allexhibited in Holden Hurricane 42 years ago.

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