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Honda CR-V is designed premises sophisticated style and bold direction. Honda CR-V technology offers a different driving experience. Excellent fuel economy and urban design that makes you believe in yourself. Honda CR-V Interior is designed to provide maximum driving comfort. The 2012 Honda CR-V is designed to continuously exceed customer expectations for entry-level SUV.

Honda CR-V Interior

Honda CR-V interior is packed with so intelligent. CR-V offers a low cargo floor and higher lift which facilitates loading. also increased the volume of passengers and cargo are also offered by the Honda CR-V. In addition to the new smart packaging, CR-V shows a new attention to the experience of driving in a vehicle, with sophisticated and precise instrumentation and colorful "intelligent" Multi-Information Display (MID i-) that offer various features that can be adjusted via fingertip control steering wheel. A slightly lower seating position and give back the CR-V feels more carlike than the cabin, while retaining the driver's point of view of the same high that customers value in this class.

Honda CR-V Body Design

Honda CR-V is designed with a larger body, lighter suspension components, additional sound insulation and aerodynamic features of a more optimal. Compared with previous generation CR-V, model 2012 took a more aggressive and aerodynamic with a statue of a deeper front fascia bodylines and more daring. Smooth flow front bumper which lines are highlighted by a three-bar grille horizontal and highly regulated multi-reflector lamps. Front bumper ground up to deliver a smart wrap SUV capability with generous approach angles, while the design of the lower front bumper now integrates more smoothly with the fascia for improved aerodynamics.

Honda CR-V Performance

The 2012 Honda CR-V is powered by a dual overhead cam (DOHC), all-aluminum, 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder design with 16 valves and high-volume intake manifold. Engine produces 185 horsepower at 7000 rpm K24Z7 and torque rated 163 pounds-ft. at 4400 rpm - by 5 horsepower and 2 lb-ft. torque than the previous generation. Despite the added power, the engine also provides superior EPA fuel-economy than its predecessor, up more than 10 percent on the highway compared with the 2011 model, in both the hard front and all-wheel-drive version.

Honda CR-V Feature

Honda CR-V offers a variety of standard and new available technologies that are intended to enhance driving pleasure. CR-V audio systems offer new levels of connectivity, led by Pandora ® Internet Radio interface. With the Pandora iPhone application run freely CR-V is connected to the USB port, Pandora station information appears on-screen color i-MID, and the driver can control the application with the steering-wheel mounted controls, or touch screen navigation system (when equipped with navigation).

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