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Honda Fit EV launched by Honda in 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. 2013 Honda Fit EV adapted to urban life today. Vehicles that include alternative fuel vehicles including gasoline-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel-cell electric and natural gas-powered model. This is 2013 Honda Fit EV.

American Honda will begin leasing the Honda Fit EV to customers in select markets of California and Oregon in the summer of 2012, and will be expanded to six East Coast markets in early 2013. Honda Fit EV Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $ 36,625 with rents estimated $ 399 per month. Honda will monitor market acceptance, but expects volumes in the early stages of production to around 1100 Honda Fit EV over the next three years.

2013 Honda Fit EV is designed to meet the needs of the average urban commuter, offering a driving range of the estimated 123-miles on a single charge using the U.S. EPA's city test cycle. Honda Fit EV will be powered by lithium-ion battery is 20 kWh and a 92-kilowatt electric motor coaxial. High density electric motor, which comes from the motor used in the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicles, providing excellent efficiency and power, but still quiet at high speeds.

Exterior of the 2013 Honda Fit EV identical to gasoline-powered Fit with the addition of a higher hip point to accommodate the placement of the battery under the floor of 20 kWh. When the car launched in summer 2012, will be available in one exclusive, Reflection Blue Pearl color. EV badges and decals on the rear hatch on the side of the vehicle to distinguish power from co-gasoline vehicles.

Honda Fit EV is equipped with a spacious and functional cabin with comfortable seating for five passengers. For enhanced flexibility, Honda Fit EV offers double seating and cargo-carrying configurations.

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