2013 Kia Ceed SW Price Review

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Three months after Kia launched the Kia Ceed hatchback, Kia has now launched the new 2013 Kia Ceed SW. Kia Ceed Sport Wagoon is an adventurous new car, sporty, modern and technologically advanced, but with more than practicality and value. With more advanced technology features and bold styling, the Sportswagon cee'd is expected to have a wider appeal among users-voters.

Engine options offered by the 2013 Kia Ceed SW  is 1.4 CRDi 89bhp engine which develops 220nm of torque from just 1500rpm. Whereas 1.6 CRDi 126bhp 260Nm torque output to increase from just 1900rpm. Both transmissions, including automatic is offered with a 1.6-liter, six-speed unit, while the manual gearbox models come with Kia's Intelligent StopGo (ISG) fuel-saving, emissions-reducing engine stop / start technology.

With prices starting from £ 16,895 and rise to £ 24,795, and low maintenance and insurance costs, the new Kia cee'd Sportswagon will be a cheap car.

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