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2011 Lexus LFA supercar is a sign of development in the history of Lexus. Lexus LFA was created by a team with the concept of "clean-sheet". Built using advanced carbon fiber technology, the emotional body, and the unparalleled performance of the machine V10. The Lexus LFA is a supercar race, the engine is engineered to achieve one goal - to provide the ultimate driving experience. Launch of UK prices for the Lexus LFA is € 368,000 (approx. £ 336,000).

Lexus LFA Interior

With hand-built cabin, with a driver-focused ergonomics. Seat, smooth leather and Alcantara became the choice Lexus LFA. Trim echoes the advanced materials used in construction Lexus LFA, with affected areas of both matt and gloss carbon fiber. Trim details finished in brushed metal and the floor-hinged brake and gas pedals are made of forged aluminum. compact hooded instrument panel incorporates a color LCD screen with Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and a motor-drive ring moves to decorate the inside of the Lexus LFA. Dial also houses a digital speedometer and gear indicator, transmission mode, data control and display vehicle trip information.

Lexus LFA Body Design

Lexus LFA styling remains true, however, for thinking the basic principles of L-finesse, the design behind all current Lexus models. front mid-engine layout is good, long wheelbase and short overhangs, advanced aerodynamics and low-slung cabin, the 2011 Lexus LFA flow path from the roof into the threshold of convex and concave without limit to the line. Form follows function, as witnessed n of air intakes and aerodynamic details, and even in the design of the door mirrors, shaped air ducts on the shoulders of the car into the back of the Lexus LFA intake.

Lexus LFA Performance

Since the beginning of the Lexus LFA is determined machine must have a capacity of 4805 cc, developing 552bhp and rev to 9,000 rpm roaring red channel. Response to it, bespoke naturally aspirated V10 engine that sets new standards for compact dimensions, lightweight architecture and scintillating performance. corner of the cylinder head which is ideal to make the engine run very smooth so as to provide excellent throttle response. V10 produces 480Nm of torque at 6,800 rpm, 90 percent of which are available from 3700 rpm to 9,000 rpm red line, thanks to Dual VVT-i technology. acceleration at all engine speeds and in the teeth of each: zero to 62mph takes just 3.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 202mph.

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