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2010 Lotus Evora enters the sports car market as currently supported by a powerful engine options and promises stunning performance. Lotus Evora to come up with an elegantly styled cabin is elegantly trimmed and equipment list includes contemporary features such as power-folding mirrors advanced touchscreen multi-media system and electric door.

Lotus Evora Interior

Lotus Evora interior is more broadly, opening the door taller and narrower sills make entry and exit from the cabin to do less athletic than in the small Lotus sports cars (Elise and Exige). Interior design language is simple, fluid surfaces, soft forms and crisp feature lines wrap around the cabin cosseting the occupants. Unlike other Lotus products that use a race car inspired, technical minimalism, the Lotus Evora uses a softer approach that utilizes premium quality materials and finishes to create an atmosphere that is contemporary yet luxurious and unique.

Lotus Evora Body Design

Lotus Evora to come up with the concept of low and wide with modern cab forward proportions, muscular rear squatting and functions optimized hip air intakes this is clearly a serious mid engined sports car that skillfully hides the practicality of two plus two capability. Asymmetric wheel sizes, the short rear overhang, long front overhang and cab forward protective screen all contribute to giving the car visual movement and agile stance. the back, tapered cabin, diffuser, floating wing, centrally mounted twin tailpipes and distinctive engine bay vents all combine to create the look of the Lotus Evora to be truly unique.

Lotus Evora Performance

Lotus Evora powered by a Lotus-tuned 3.5-liter V6 producing 280 PS which promises stunning performance. in addition, Lotus worked with Toyota to integrate the technology that ends with the creation of 2 grams-FE Toyota engine 3.5-liter DOHC V6 with dual VVT-i. These machines provide peak power output to 280 PS at 6400 rpm while maximum torque of 342 Nm increases to the 4700 rpm.

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