2012 Opel Ampera at Geneva Motor Show

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2012 Opel Ampera appear to celebrate the revolutionary world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. ItAppear with the concept of extended-range electric vehicle. Opel Ampera is produced at the end of 2011. Opel Ampera will also be offered with right hand drive in the United Kingdom by Opel's sister brand, Vauxhall. This is the 2012 Opel Ampera.

2012 Opel Ampera Interior

Opel Ampera offers the five-door, four seats are super comfortable which is an award winning Opel design language that meets German precision. Opel Ampera combining some styling cues from the innovative Flextreme and GTC show concept car.

2012 Opel Ampera Performance

Unlike a conventional battery electric vehicle, the Opel Ampera eliminates "range anxiety," giving the confidence and peace of mind that the drivers will not be stranded by a depleted battery. More than 220 lithium-ion cells in a T-shaped pack provide ample power. The unit is nearly silent electric drive provides 370 Nm of instant torque, the equivalent of 150 horsepower, zero to 100 km / h acceleration in around nine seconds, and top speed of 161 km / hour. When driving on electricity delivered by batteries, 2012 Opel Ampera emits zero CO2. When the battery runs out of energy, an engine generator seamlessly provides electricity to gasoline/E85-fueled electric drive unit while simultaneously maintaining the battery charge. It's the right technology for the future.

2012 Opel Ampera Technical Specifcations:

Type of vehicle: 5-door, front-wheel-drive hatchbackCategory: Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV)Chassis: independent McPherson struts front

PerformanceTop speed: 161 km / hEV range: 60 km (MVEG cycle)Total range: 500 km

SizeWheelbase: 2685 mmLength: 4404 mmWidth: 1798 mmHeight: 1430 mmCargo volume: 301 l

Battery systemType: lithium-ionEnergy: 16 kWhElectricity hard UnitsPower: 150 hp (111 kW)Torque: 370 Nm

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