1999 Rover 75 Review

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1999 Rover 75 life as a project under the control of the Rover group. Rover Group is a fraction of the BMW. And now publishes Rover Group's Rover 75. A customization program, Monogram, was launched, allowing buyers to order their cars in various colors of paint a broader and exterior finish, interior trim and different with optional extras installed during production.

Rover 75 Interior

Rover 75 interior designed with traditional concepts. This is quickly pulled compliment to a characteristic of a car. Critics of the labeled car styling too "retro", indicating it has been designed with the older buyer in mind, not 'sporting' enough when compared to the competition.

Rover 75 Body Design

Press speculation at the launch of the 1999 Rover 75 is based on the BMW 5 Series thanks large size and especially the central tunnel in the chassis. The tunnel being built into the chassis to increase structural rigidity, using a BMW-developed floorpan concept that explored front wheel drive, but which have been rejected and remains unused by the BMW brand to this day. as 75 taking shape, this core engineering and delivered to the Rover 75 evolves into a structure.

Rover 75 Performance

Gasoline engine is provided by Rovers for 1999 Rover 75 is K series in 4 cylinder form, the displacement of 1.8 liter, DOHC 16 valve form with Rover / Motorola MEMS engine management. Quad cam KV6 given in 2.0 and 2.5 liter displacement with 24 valves and Siemens engine management. Dropped 2.0 liter 1.8 liter turbo in the introduction of such a market is more profitable for the company's UK fleet. Tooth box on all the cars that Getrag 5-speed manual fed through coupling hydraulic, and automatic cars are equipped with a 5 speed Jatco.

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