2011 Toyota Fun Vii Review

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2011 Toyota Fun vii displayed the first time in the eyes of the world at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 by Toyota Motor Corp. Toyota Fun vii come up with the concept of future vehicle technologies. Toyota Fun vii offers a wonderful ability to mini-car class. interior and exterior design with highly convincing.

Toyota Fun vii interior can serve as a display area, with the interior freely modified to suit one's mood at that time. Toyota Fun viioffer content such as navigation information seamlessly blended into the interior through the use of augmented reality technology. In addition, the vehicles' navigation concierge "can provide passengers with information and guidance driving through a vocal interface.

2011 Toyota Fun vii Specifications:

Length: 4020 mmWidth: 1745 mmHeight: 1415 mmWheelbase: 2750 mmSitting: 3

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