2013 Toyota GT 86 Review

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2013 Toyota GT 86 is the work of Toyota's debut at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011. Toyota GT 86 went on sale in Britain in June 2012. Toyota GT 86 with a focus on the quality of a classic sports car experience combined with advanced modern features. aerodynamic concept is also seen in the 2013 Toyota GT 86.

Toyota GT 86 Interior

On board the 2013 Toyota GT 86, ergonomics and function of each element interacts with the driver has been investigated to make driving a car as a natural, instinctive and useful as possible. For example, the steering wheel has a diameter of 365mm, so the smallest ever fitted to a Toyota car, and trimmed in a deer skin, was developed from feedback from drivers who complete a test on how to achieve the best performance and grip the steering wheel. The driver-focused cockpit further reinforced by carbon-effect trim, all black roof lining, red stitching on, switch rocker-style aviation coatings and lightweight, aluminum pedals.

Toyota GT 86 Body Design

2013 Toyota GT 86 offers the most compact dimensions possible, low center of gravity and aerodynamic performance inspired by motorsport technology, while also featuring evocative, sweeping styling reminiscent of Toyota's sports car heritage. Lattice lower "scorpion" look gives the appearance of the Toyota GT 86 is stronger, with further details including model sport-specific 17-inch alloy wheels, rear spoiler, twin exhaust and "86" logo indicating piston particular powertrain configuration car.

Toyota GT 86 Performance

Toyota has added a D-4S injection technology for the new 2013 Toyota GT 86, horizontally opposed, cc naturally aspirated four-cylinder boxer engine 1998. This system features twin injectors separately for both direct and port injection, and high compression ratio of 12.5:1, increasing power and torque at various engine speeds without sacrificing fuel efficiency and environmental performance.

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