2013 New Volkswagen Up! : Small Specialist City Car

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the Volkswagen up! (yes, it includes the exclamation point) . A city specialist for many of the world's countries. A car with charisma and great potential. In Germany - the debut market - advance orders are already being taken for the new up! with prices starting at 9,850 euros. The new Volkswagen will officially launch in successive steps beginning in late December 2011.

Volkswagen up! Body Design

Although the VW Up! is small—at 139.4 inches long and 64.6 inches wide, it is six inches shorter and nearly two narrower than a Mini Cooper hardtop—VW calls it a “giant among small cars.” A 95.3-inch wheelbase (1.8 shorter than the Mini’s) pushes the wheels way out the corners, making for interior packaging that comfortably accommodates four passengers and nine cubic feet of cargo space. Fold the rear seats and cargo volume swells to 34 cubes.

Volkswagen up! Interior

The Volkswagen up! interior has a provision very clean and organized. The new 2013 Volkswagen Up also offers a range of intelligent and detailed style fun and a quality level that will increase market segment. Especially high-end, the Dash Pad, pad extending through the instrument driver and front passenger front. Along the line of the equipment is either inside or paint one of five body colors used inside.

Volkswagen up! Performance

At the beginning of the Volkswagen Up! is a new generation of petrol engines of three cylinders. That output 44 kW / hp 60 and 55 kW / 75 hp. Fuel consumption combined technology BlueMotion versions (including a start / stop): 4.2 l/100 km (60 hp) and 4.3 l/100 km (75 PS). Both engines emit less than 1.0 liters and 100 g / km CO2 limit. A natural gas engine with 50 kW / 68 hp to follow the same basic configuration. Its combined fuel consumption of 3.2 kg/100 km (natural gas) is equivalent to a CO2 value of 86 g / km, as a BlueMotion version Technology natural gas power! even reaches a low value of 79 g CO2 / km. There are also plans for a specific place! with an electric motor to 2013.

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