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2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion launched by Alfa Romeo at Geneva Motor Show. Perform as an aggressive yet beautiful coupe designed as a tribute to one hundred year anniversary of Alfa Romeo. 2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion is an extreme sports cars and concept cars size (length 4620 mm, width 1971 mm, height 1230 mm, 2850 mm wheelbase) offers a compact sports car external dimensions with a sports car feel spacious interior, all supported by, 450 CV 4.7 liter 8 cylinder engine.

Alfa Romeo Pandion Interior

2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion interior has a profile of a true sports car. When observing the inside of the Alfa Romeo Pandion, the first thing that attracted our attention was the front seat. The layout of a typical car Alfa Romeo coupe, which is 2 +2. While the two rear seats are 'spaces' classic, the two front seats are very thin (30 mm) ergonomic recliner kursi. Architectural layout is 'cab back', meaning the passenger compartment is positioned to the rear of the car and a long hood push the center of vision to the rear of the car. Alfa Romeo Concept doors open by rotating backwards, ending a perfect 90 degrees above the center of the rear wheel, lift the entire vehicle body, from front fender to rear fender Pandion.

Alfa Romeo Pandion Body Design

'Family feeling' Alfa Romeo, immediately recognizable at first glance the 2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion. Front end of the Alfa Romeo Pandion This concept has long tilted cap and sculpted that creates what is, for all intents and purposes, a mask, almost like the helmets worn by ancient warriors. The front grille filled with thousands of tiny blades interwoven that contribute to the design of new algorithmic throughout the car. Body side visually connects the front end of the sensual with a razor-edged back through a side window of a very long flow that extends from the front to the rear wheel arches. The new graphic formula not only add a striking new visual division between the upper and lower body, but also offers an incredible panoramic passenger windows on the 2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion.

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