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2012 Lancia Voyager Side (Photo 4 of 6)

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Lancia Voyager is a family vehicle with the concept as a means of transportation that is fun and comfortable. Impression of the exterior is very elegant and exudes the charm of protection at first sight. Interior design with 7 seats are very comfortable and with large windows and good.

Lancia Voyager Exterior

Lancia Voyager is designed with a length of 5:21 m, width 1.99 meters and 1.75 meters high. Impressive size is very convenient for passengers. The front of a car decorated with the Lancia logo, LED head lamps. This car is equipped with rails and cross on the roof while the rear doors have been redesigned with a modern functional appearance in order to optimize access to the interior.

Lancia Voyager Interior

Lancia Voyager inside is designed with a combination of fun and comfort. Seat complete with headrest and its position is very fitting for freedom for the passengers and driver. Lancia Voyager seats are the best expression of the MPV function combined with the beauty and luxury mini-bus, as also evidenced by the heating in both the cushion and the backrests to offer a sense of on-board well-being. Chairs are available also can be folded, as supporting access to all parts of the interior.

Lancia Voyager Performance

Lancia Voyager has been developed specifically for comfort and superb driving kamanan. Lancia Voyager Performance is supported by two types of Euro 5 compliant engines, with engineering and outstanding performance to deliver tremendous power output. Two types of engines are 163 HP 2.8 L Diesel and 283 HP 3.6 petrol engine. Compared to the four-speed automatic transmission of the Chrysler Group from the which it derives, the six-speed automatic transmission of the Lancia Voyager is equipped with two new main gear ratios and a secondary gear ratio to optimize the performance at high speeds. It is also designed to increase of the torque power on the initial acceleration peak to Provide Greater Pls starting off.

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