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2012 Pagani Huayra has long prepared before being displayed. Immortality air element. Soft and smooth, but the force of the wind was able to erode even the hardest materials known to bear the distinctive shapes in nature. Elegant and muscular is the concept of the Pagani Huayra. "Power is nothing without control". This makes Pagani greatly promote the safety factor of the vehicle whose performance is very high, Pagani Huayra so to be safe and comfortable ride.

Pagani Huayra Interior

The new central monocoque on the Pagani Huayra is an entirely new design made from carbontitanium. Behind the driver, reinforced by a safety cell made of composite materials and ballistics are different. The front and rear subframes CrMo offers the stiffness ratio of weight-to-extraordinary to allow the suspension to work at their best while incorporating sophisticated structure to absorb crash energy and ready to protect the occupants.

Pagani Huayra Body Design

Pagani Huayra design is to promote the concept of aerodynamics. The flow of air through the car was also carefully studied. Intake to the gearbox radiator is located between the windows machine and clamshell hood carbon from the rear, which provides excellent airflow to the radiator without having a major impact on aerodynamic drag. This system increases the aerodynamic efficiency of 2012 Pagani Huayra in a variety of driving conditions, where a low drag coefficient is not a determining factor. During braking, for example, cover the rear and front suspension are raised to fight the weight transfer and balance the weight distribution between front and rear axles, allowing better use of rear brake force. This will increase the security value of the vehicle.

Pagani Huayra Performance

Pagani Huayra engines supplied by Mercedes AMG. Machine system has been designed and tested to stand up with the most adverse conditions of temperature and performance. M158 V12 engine is a machine. Tranquility and harmony of driving one of the most refined GT car in the world is distracted when the driver calls for release Pagani Huayra horsepower and 700 Nm of torque 1000. Strength and incredible torque produced by Pagani Huayra V12 is transferred to the wheels through a seven-speed transversal sequential gearbox and the clutch plate and gearbox complete double weighs only 96 kg. Despite the increase in power compared to the Mercedes-AMG V12 engine developed for other Pagani, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption has been reduced, to create a class leading Pagani Huayra among the 12-cylinder sports car with the values ​​of each much smaller vehicles on the market.

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