2013 Peugeot 107 Concept Review

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2013 Peugeot 107 with the concept of modern, urban style, responsive and enthusiastic. Great attention has been paid to the attraction without making sacrifices in terms of profits when faced with obstacles city driving, but has become even more practical and fuel-efficient.

Peugeot 107 Interior

Peugeot 107 interior offers a CD audio system has two additional speakers as standard or as options in accordance with the level of finish. A new Bluetooth PC CD audio system available as an option, combined with two additional speakers, offer USB, MP3 and Bluetooth connections are usually found in higher segment vehicles. A new steering wheel combined with the new gear lever, both leather trimmed, available as standard or as options.

Peugeot 107 Body Design

Peugeot 107 appear with distinctive of Peugeot designs. Hood, a new, more curved so that the rib cage of a lion hat that frames two-tone and number plate position in the middle of the front panel below the instructions to do with 208. The new radiator grille, consisting of honeycomb cells specific for the Peugeot 107, forms a good and honorable mouth, suspended by the color of the body that surrounds it. The front panel has a new lower contact cappings - one at the front and the other two on the sides - both aesthetic and protective, especially useful in urban driving conditions. Furthermore, a variety of colors to see the addition of exclusive new color "Plum", modern and appealing.

Peugeot 107 Performance

The Peugeot 107 still has a modest range with two levels of finish, available in 3-door and 5-door versions and with two engines: 1.0i 5-speed manual and 5-speed manual 1.0i two-Tronic. 2013 Peugeot 107 lowered its CO2 emissions still further to 99 and 104 g / km respectively for the manual and two-Tronic gearbox.

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