2011 Honda EV-Ster Review

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2011 Honda EV-STER was first staged in the eyes of the world at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011. Is evidence of the commitment Honda Motor in the development of sports car models. Honda EV-STER appear as generation electric sports car is environmentally friendly. Performed with a dynamic and innovative design and performance of the plume. This is 2011 Honda EV-STER.

Honda EV-STER interior of the vehicle information display that allows the driver to enjoy driving and viewing of the network used for audio and navigation systems and also for Internet access. Well-designed layout and display meter enables the driver to concentrate on driving and enjoy a comfortable space.

Honda EV-STER using carbon materials that allow to reduce vehicle weight contributes to the high driving performance and a variety of vehicles around 160km. The easy-to-operate twin-lever steering adopted to pursue a thorough of the joy of driving.

2011 Honda EV-STER Specifications:

Vehicle length: 3.570 mmVehicle width: 1.500 mmVehicle height: 1,100 mmWheelbase: 2.325 mmMaximum speed: 160km / hAcceleration 0-60km / h: 5.0 secMaximum range: Approximately 160km (JC08 mode)Battery: 10kWh lithium-ion batteryBattery Maximum output: 58kWcharging time200V: under 3 hours100V: under 6 hours

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