2013 Honda N-One Sale on November

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Honda has announced it will begin selling the 2013 Honda N-One in November 2012. Honda N-One is a car which is included in the mini car segment intended for everyday use in urban areas. a new car on the basis of a new spirit for a new era.

2013 Honda N-One has a spacious and comfortable cabin to accommodate four adults. Honda N-One is equipped with a high quality exterior and interior that are beyond those of any model in the mini-vehicle category. Interior design is simple but great attention is paid to ensure the feel of quality ingredients in every detail. Comfort and safety are pursued with a bench seat size.

Honda N-One is powered by a DOHC Turbo engine equipped with high performance turbo charger made available for all grades and realize driving performance equivalent to a vehicle in the 1.3L class.

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