2012 Jaguar XFR Powertrain Dynamic Concept

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Jaguar XFR has won awards and enthusiastic fans in the world for dynamic capabilities and kedramatisan. Exterior and interior design language is very brave and excellent performance makes demand sedan Jaguar XFR many people in the world. This Jaguar XFR with powertrain and dynamic concept.

Jaguar XFR Body Design

Review bonnet wing tissue sheets, and incorporating a new front triangle side vents give the car a dynamic look more muscular. Combining multiple functions of HID Xenon lamp technology allows them to become thinner and compact while providing excellent resolution of the beam.

Jaguar XFR Interior

Jaguar XFR has the interior with the concept of providing full comfort to the driver and passengers. Impression of elegance and modern look in your face when I saw the inside of the Jaguar XF. In addition, a touch of modern technology is completely integrated into the functions of the car and is controlled entirely through a seven-inch touch screen.

Jaguar XFR Performance

Key among the improvements is the introduction of the Jaguar XFR 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine, AJ i4D. Dilengkai perfect machine with 8 speed ZF automatic transmission. The optimal transmission that delivers better acceleration and fuel consumption more effectively. Power 190 PS with torque of 450 nm gives a maximum muscle performance. to reach 60 mph only takes 8 seconds. Machines are suitable for high speed.

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