2012 Mini Baker Street Review

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2012 Mini Baker Street is the twin of the 2012 Mini Bayswater developed by MINI. perform interior and exterior design with an exclusive new MINI earnestness that marked the development of mini car segment. 2012 Mini Baker Street performed without leaving the reliable performance. powerful engine options to suit mini car segment has been embedded in the engine room that will provide exceptional driving sensations.

Mini Baker Street was created with the feel of an exclusive interior in the style of urban living. The new variant is the surface of the new seats in the Check Cross Rooftop feature gray diamond pattern. cockpit and door trim surfaces and combined with the Line light gray color Rooftop. To increase the feeling of comfort for passengers therein, the 2012 Mini Baker Street providing an additional package. is the air conditioning, an on-board computer, leather steering wheel, front foglamps, lighting package and height adjustment for the front passenger seat.

Mini Baker Street exterior presents a bold contemporary taste. Exterior with hood stripes combine basic special additional characters given black color with subtle V-shape design. 2012 Mini Baker Street can also be ordered as an option in the body shades White Pepper and Midnight Black.

Mini Baker Street offers a powerful engine variants. The range of engine variants available for the 2012 MINI Baker Street are MINI One  spans (72 kW/98 hp), MINI Cooper (90 kW/122 hp), MINI One D (66 kW/90 hp) and MINI Cooper D (82 kW / 112 hp ). All engines channel their power through a six-speed manual gearbox as standard or optional six-speed automatic.

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