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2012 Renault Twingo was launched by Renault and sold in early 2012. Renault Twingo Shown are sprinkled with the brand identity features the latest styles. Renault Twingo will be a visual sign of all Renault cars in the future.

Renault Twingo Interior

Renault Twingo interior offers a fun concept. this is seen through the harmony of color and material selection. features new patterns, with edging in contrasting colors to choose. All stitching, and leather or TEP panel, co-ordinated. Colors are also featured on the door inserts and climate control and heating control systems. Lateral air vents that come in different tones, depending on the market (Black Gloss, Majorelle Blue, Green Anis, gunmetal), and their control detailed in chrome. In addition, to provide driving comfort and its passengers, 2012 Renault Twingo provide knee space 22 inches, which placed among the very best segment.

Renault Twingo Body Design

Renault Twingo took inspiration with a new design approach. On the hood of the car, the Renault diamond both are significantly larger and more upright. Black background highlights the badge and brand by presenting a strong, confident. Like the first generation Renault Twingo , new arrivals end features, expressive front draw. Dynamic, funny character is underlined by the fog lights and side lights are now positioned on the round side of the grille. The 'petals' of the lights also contribute to the distinctive appearance of this new Renault Twingo.

Renault Twingo Performance

Renault Twingo is one of the only city car will be available with diesel engines Euro5 that combine performance and fuel efficiency. Renault Twingo 1.2 TCE engine providing 100hp, which offers a peak torque of 155Nm is available from low revs, giving the driving pleasure of a larger engine capacity, but with lower fuel consumption. Fuel consumption for the Renault Twingo DCI 75 and 85 (3.4 litres/100km) is important among the most efficient in its class. itambah with aerodynamic fine-tuning, this work has resulted in significant fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions improvement, but not at the expense of driving pleasure.

Renault Twingo Features

Renault Twingo is pampering the driver and passengers through the provision of a very modern features. All the audio systems in the range of New Twingo will display the Bluetooth function and connectivity with USB audiostreaming as standard. This makes it easy to play digital music, from the phone, player or USB stick. In this area, also, Renault New Twingo provide the same features as the model of Renault in this audio segment lain.Sistem allows the use of GPS navigation thanks to an iPhone application developed by Renault.

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