2013 Honda GEAR Concept Unveils at Montreal

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Honda Canada answers the needs of young urban car with the launch of the New Honda GEAR. 2013 GEAR Concept made it's debut at the 2013 Montreal Auto Show. All aspects of the car is said to inspired by the fixed-gear bike. This is consistent with the trend among young people. The ultimate goal is to expand the reach of the world car market.

New Honda GEAR has a design that is simple and sleek. This reflects the current design concept honda. rear windscreen wraps around both the C-pillars at the rear profile. No details yet officially launched by Honda about their latest vehicles. But we believe that this car is definitely the car that is intended for the future.

Dave Marek as Design Director of Honda RD America, Inc. said, "The car subcompact usually good utilitarian, but they are boring or fun, zippy cars are impractical and too expensive for Gen-Y buyers. Walls Honda GEAR practical but fun, customized , connected and affordable Everything younger, urban buyers want in a smart car.

With the market for youth-oriented, lower-priced vehicles on the rise, Honda aims to grow its share in this market with their new gear concept that gives insight to what we can expect from the Japanese manufacturer in the future.

Quietly Launched at the Montreal Auto Show, the Honda Gear Concept is designed with specific people in mind - the young with a budget (aka Generation Y). The whole aspect of the car is said to be inspired by the fixed-gear bicycles, though we do not know exactly how that connection is made.

We can say that it looks quite good, as it features a simple and sleek design that is a clear departure from the current design of today's Hondas. We especially like how the rear windscreen wraps around both the C-pillars at the rear profile. Being a concept, we can do nothing but hope that such a design, or rather, some design elements make it to a production model.

No details have been Provided about what's under the hood, but it's safe to expect a frugal, low-displacement engine or a plug-in electric drivetrain.

Overall, this concept does look promising. If it goes into production, it sure will manage the young who are on the lookout for their "first car."

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