2011 Subaru Advanced Tourer Review

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2011 Subaru Advanced Tourer comes with a different driving pleasure combined with the concept of eco-friendly. Subaru Advanced Tourer published under Subaru treatment in May 2010. Subaru Advanced Tourer embodied the theme of "belief in Motion".

Subaru Advanced Tourer Interior

Subaru Advanced Tourer interior pursuing the Subaru philosophy. Convinced will provide high level of comfort in the passenger Subaru Advanced Tourer. An entire roof made of glass adds feels spacious. A variety of textures such as wood and metal incorporated into the layout in it to produce enough atmosphere. A large monitor is built into the steering wheel allows access to maps, television and internet services. Information will be available at hand to support the contemporary lifestyle.

Subaru Advanced Tourer Body Design

Subaru Advanced Tourer is built with the concept of "belief in Motion" by Suabru. This concept is described in the body design. Subaru Advanced Tourer offers a dynamic yet sleek look promising drive enthusiastically, while the cabin offers all the usability of a C-segment wagon. A flowing line on the surface of the side adds a stylish design.

Subaru Advanced Tourer Performance

Fuel downsized turbo direct injection engine is one of the main technologies that will guide the strategy Subaru engine in the future. Not only quick and smooth acceleration with a new generation engine Horizontally-opposed, it is environmentally friendly. Direct injection system that injects fuel required amount of fuel into the cylinder at the right time, and an efficient system turbo supply large quantities of air into the cylinder, along with streamlining the flow turbo engine displacement (2,500 cc and 2,000 cc) to 1600 cc in drastically improve the efficiency of combustion in practical driving speed range compared with the existing turbo engine.

2011 Subaru Advanced Tourer Specification

Length x Width x Height: 4580 mm x 1840 mm x 1430 mmType of engine: 1.6 liter direct fuel injection engine Horizontally-opposed turboTransmission Type: High Torque Lineartronic compatibleDrive train: Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system with hybridBattery Type: Lithium-ion batteries

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