2011 Volkswagen Cross Coupe Review

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2011 Volkswagen Cross Coupe published at the Tokyo Motor show 2011. Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept is published with a new look in the future SUV which was published by Volkswagen. The original, strong in character, and dynamic sculpture, stands the Volkswagen Cross Coupe SUVs in the future Volkswagen design.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe Interior

Volkswagen Cross Coupe interior is designed in a sporty concept is significant. on the dashboard, dynamic line engravings of the right of the coupe. Dashboard surface emits a very fine quality and strong. AC drive system and control functions quickly and simply via two rotary switches aluminum. Lever handles a broad conspicuous not only visually pleasing, but because it is made of one piece is also pleasing to the touch.

In front of the gear lever is a button to start the engine, while to the left and right lever there are two powerful yet elegant grab handles. On the right there are also buttons to select a pure electric power and battery charging. Other higher level there is a touchscreen display that shows the on-and off-road vehicle navigation and all the relevant functions, extending all the way to the sound system.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe Body Design

In general, the design of the Volkswagen Cross Coupe achieve muscular and athletic contours. One of the striking elements are the shoulder line, also known as the tornado line, which looks as if it had been cut with a razor blade, which runs just under the window without the frame, extending from front to rear wing. Adjacent to the bottom line is clear wings light up, which creates a very strong side and produce a silhouette that - though they are firmly in the style of an SUV - is reminiscent of a sports car.

Signature of light, headlights and grille 2011 Volkswagen Cross Coupe expressed in a unique combination of innovative. In the middle of the bumper is painted in vehicle color, which in a way precisely shaped character line extending upward to form a homogeneous unit with radiator grille bars. Right at the bottom of another bumper cold air inlet, which is equipped with two extra chrome bars smaller. To the left and right each LED fog lights go.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe Performance

Volkswagen Cross Coupe not only uses a single motor, but the three motors that work together efficiently as a hybrid system. On the front under the hood is a 110 kW TSI petrol engine providing maximum torque of 210 Nm and an electric motor with an output of 40 kW and 180 Nm of torque. Together or individually these two motors power the front axle. If the Volkswagen Cross Coupe for use in all-wheel-drive or a pure electric power mode, cutting electric motor more in. This has been integrated as a co-axial drive unit to the rear axle layout. These motors drive the rear wheels. This is the second electric motor produces up to 85 kW and develops 270 Nm of torque. Overall output system (gasoline engine + battery) is a maximum of 195 kW.

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